Yuyao Delpack Commodity Co.,Ltd

Date: 13th May 2016
Carpet Cleaning Powder
Yuyao Delpack Commodity Co.,Ltd is one of the professional carpet cleaning powder manufacturers and suppliers in China,Website:http://www.delpackaust.com, welcome to wholesale customized carpet cleaner, fast drying carpet deaning powder made in China from our factory. Carpet Cleaning Powder contains quick drying moist powder that removes tough ground-in dirt, odours and dust trapped deep in the carpet pile. EAST DRYING , LARGE AREAS? Neutralizes unpleasant odors ?cleans and refreshes carpet . Quick and easy to use? Directions for use: 1, Pre-treatment: Vacuum clean the carpet before usage. 2.Shake container vigorously before each use to maximize product coverage. 3.Use the scoop provided and sprinkle carpet cleaning powder generously and evenly on the carpet. DO NOT apply to more than 0.6*1.5M area at a time to prevent moisture from the drying out. 4. Using a soft bristle brush, immediately work with carpet cleaning powder into the carpet. Gently brush until soils disappears. IMPORTANT: If soil/Stains remain, add more powder and repeat step 4 untill carpet looks as clean as rest of carpet. 5. Leave the carpet cleaning powder until the carpet is completely dry(at least 20mins,longer drying time may be required in humid weather). During this time, air the room well. 6.Vacuum the dried powder thoroughly. Change vacuum cleaner bag regularly for best results. 7. On rare occasions, you may find light spots after vacuuming. Stain residues bind powder to them , We recommend removing these residues with a soft brush and vacuuming afterwards. ?Do not use water. SIZE : 500g , 12/24 bottles per shipper Packing : plastic tub , with scoop .